Rapid globalization and advances in information and communication technology has brought about phenomenal improvements and great opportunities for developing countries to participate meaningfully in the interest of harnessing potentials that exit in the information driven age through the development and exploitation of ICT to facilitate socio-economic development.

It is therefore imperative for Nigeria to facilitate the development of information and knwoledge based economy through the development, deployment and exploitation of ICT solutions to eradicate wealth creation, poverty reduction, economic growth and education.

National Technology Competition

Our initiative will take care of;

  • ICT education in secondary school,
  • ICT education in tertiary institution,

We intend to support the government and management of ICT education in Nigeria under the Public Private Partnership(PPP). This event will be used to introduce entrepreneurship in ICT and encourage participant through their knowledge and skills in the benefit and employmemt opportunity in the industry. We also want to use this to promote ICY inclusion in education.

Aim and objective

  • To discover the best student in secondary school in web design in Nigeria.
  • Stimulate the entrepreneurship opportunity in information technology in Nigeria education system.
  • Help students discover their creative skills through the competition.
  • Working with gifted and talented strudents through identification and challenge.
  • To promote the development of ICT infrastructure for educational need of youth.
  • To promote the inclusion of ICT in the Nigeria education curriculum effectively through adequate delivery and infrastructure
  • To enhance existing educational facilities and capacity and create new sustainable innovative educational system to meet the needs of those traditionally excluded from the educational system by using ICT.
  • To create awareness of the impact of ICT as its affects all facets of the society and is used to meet real deveopment needs such as wealth creation, job cfreation, poverty reducation, economic growth and education.

Guildelines for 2017 (Season 2) NTC

Upper Primary student: You would be required to submit three images png or jpeg of the HOMEPAGE ABOUT US PAGE and CONTACT US PAGE of your school website designed by you. Note Must be html not word press.

Junior Secondary school : Design a 3mins animation that can promote Nigeria in agriculture. You upload in link available.

Senior Secondary school: You expected to write your own social media app.

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